Friday, April 27, 2007

No more caffeine!

I am giving up caffeine.

Starting with coffee.

As much as I LOVE my cup of coffee in the morning, I have come to realize that it's NO good for me.

The side effects:

Mood Swings
On Edge all the time
Up all night

Just to name a few. I gave up coffee for a week ONCE and I was not a nice person then so, please pray that this time around, I can stick with the plan.

I'll do it gradually. Not cold turkey like the last time!

Wish me luck.


ebony said...

Give up caffeine? More power to you. I will give up alot (smoking being one), but I refuse to relinquish my love affair with coffee and Vanilla Coke.

Karen said...

VANILLA COKE? Can you still get that? I thought it was off the market? Oh, we all LOVED Vanilla Coke around here.
Me? Caffiene is my friend. It's like the Concerta my son takes for his ADD.....only I don't need a doctor's prescription for it! ;) Seeing as both Concerta and caffiene work in the same general way (physiologically) I guess I need it for MY ADD! :)

Pendullum said...

Best of luck with it...

Save Money said...

I drink coffee all the time and tea every day. I don't think the caffeine it that affects me...but hey if you want to give up that coffee goodness I say all the best.