Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What would you do with a cool Mil?

We are NOT rich. I've always said I would LOVE to have a Cool Million Dollars. Heck, I've even written down a list of things I would do with this Million Dollars. I would list it here but, I'm sensitive and I would probably break out in tears if you laughed at me.

What the heck, I'm already pondering taking a LONG walk on a SHORT pier so here goes:

We have NO credit cards. Can't be trusted with those plastic devils.

Not sure how the tax guy would come into play so let's just assume I've already paid the tax man on this Cool Mill

1.Tithe it. I'm afraid to disobey so I will definitely Give 10 percent to our church. I LOVE that place and Lord Knows, I've been slacking on the giving back department-
2.Pay off our mortgage-
3.Estimate what it will cost for property taxes and pay that-amount??
4.I would say invest but, I have NO idea of where to begin with that. I've been reading some financial blogs and my brain is on overload. I would probably just suck it up and go and visit a broker (with vaseline in hand of course) and hope he doesn't hurt me too bad!

I'm sure the experts out there will cringe at my list. *sigh*

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Karen said...

HA! Saw the title of your post and I thought "MIL" was the acronym for "Mother-in-law." :)
And I thought "I'd love to have a cool MIL!" ;)